Friday, 20 August 2010

*She's a Maniac - Jogging Journal*

Shes a maniac, maniac on the floor. If your familiar with the song you will know its in reference to dancing but whilst pounding the old treadmill I realised how the lyrics really summed up my journey.

Jogging is something that I always hated as a child. Although I played a lot of sports which involved running around, the idea of jogging just for the sake of it did not appeal to me what so ever. In fact when it came to participating in cross-country at school I always made sure I got my laps double ticked by a friend so I completed my laps in half the time. So it came as a pretty big shock when I suddenly became interested in jogging and running.

I read a lot of blogs and one in particular comes to mind of a beautiful young woman named Tricia who has lost over 120lbs through eating right and initially walking which later turned into running. Whenever I read her blog I always come away with the urge to run around the block. So I thought that I would just put my trainers on and do it. What am I waiting for?

So with my I-Pod in one hand and my heart rate monitor strapped on, I decided to warm up by power walking and told myself that I would jog and walk on and off. I used markers on the clock to tell me when to stop and start running. Now I walk a lot and for long distances but my lungs and throat felt as if they were on fire, but it was so worth it. I ran a lot further than I thought I would or could. I was so overcome by emotions (pain, excitement, nervousness, joy) that I could barely hold back the tears. I must have looked like a maniac!

I really did jog (dance) like I've never jogged (danced) before.

I had so many things just race through my head. I was seriously on a high. It was the most amazing feeling. So I want to thank Tricia for inspiring me to go and pound the streets (in my case the treadmill).

"Maniac" really is a thought provoking song for me and I will also associate this song with my first real run that wasn't against my own will...

A few other lyrics I love...

Its push-shove world but there's always a chance, if the hunger stays the night. - This really sums it up for me at the moment. I have a chance and will succeed if my hunger for my goal is there.

Struggling, stretching for the peak, never stopping with her head against the wind. - Never stop, no matter how hard it gets.

So thank you Tricia for being such an amazing person and mother, you have inspired me to start running. I only hope that my relationship with running will continue to be that of a positive one!

Have a awesome day!

Roo aka Speedy Gonzales xoxo


  1. Running is the best exercise, but like you, I hated it when I was at school. I thought it wasn't for me, until I realised that you can start with short distances and build it up! My first run was 2 minutes - this year I ran a marathon - I'd never have thought it possible. It definitely helped me lose weight too, and has kept it off. Keep enjoying that treadmill!

  2. Hi Liz, I think that I didn't try running before because I was too hard on myself and gave up to easily. I've since learned that I should focus on doing my own personal best and thats what I'm going to concentrate on. Congrats on completing a whole marathon! Thats amazing! You have given me something to think about. And I guess that running aiding your weight loss and your maintance is a huge bonus. Hopefully it will be for me too :)

  3. I Love that song! Need to download it for my ipod.Congrats on the jog,that's fantsastic! I see all these people jogging about on the way to our park and it just tires me out watching them -now you're one of those people I admire :D xx

  4. Aw thanks GlasgowGalah! Thats super sweet.

    You have to download it straight away :) . I love this song and it really keeps me motivated. Its funny how certain songs tap into you more than others.