Monday, 21 June 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been super busy. I missed my Weightwatchers class last week which I was super upset about so I will post my weekly meeting post and goals after this weeks meeting.

I posted a few weeks ago about one of my motivation tools, which just so happens to be a programme called Ruby which follows the journey of beautiful woman who has been overweight since a child. I know I have referred to Ruby before however this particular episode really refocused me at a time of need for two reasons. Firstly, Ruby had hit a plateau in which she couldn't get below a certain weight, which in her case was 350lb. Now I, amongst many I'm sure have hit a plateau at some point in our weight loss journey. Ever so recently mine was 17st. I got so frustrated that I couldn't dip into 16st bracket that I just gave up. It sounds absurd to hear myself say that I gave up, but I did.

So back to Ruby. To over come her plateau it was suggested that she gave up or did 5 things. A few of them really stuck in my mind however the one in particular I wanted to discuss was to have more mirrors within her house. Now I don't get me wrong, I can look in the mirror easily however I realised that like her I didn't actually look at myself, I just looked at my silhouette.

I didn't really give this much thought until Saturday when I was clothes shopping and whilst trying on outfits I saw what I actually looked like. I froze in horror and immediately looked away and held back the tears. I had to literally convince myself to look in the mirror at the real me. Like I previously mentioned, I never really looked at anything within the outline of my body since I was around 12st. I was taken back by how much my body had changed and how different I actually looked.

After the overall shock had warn off I was able to focus my thoughts and my motivation of why I wanted and needed to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

With that in mind my weekly weigh-in is tomorrow evening, which I'm looking forward to and this also motivates me no end.

If you were like myself only last week, I hope you find your motivation and focus soon. I know sometimes its hard to tap into and is often found at the strangest and least desirable times. However if you already have your motivation and focus, how amazing does it feel to be in charge!

On another note, I missed my tweet what I eat Thursday due to being super busy and eating on the go so instead I have tweeted my food diary for today. If your not already a follower please feel free to add me.

Have a amazing day.

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