Friday, 21 May 2010

*A love confession*

I have to confess my love for something that I am now totally addicted to. This particular 'thing' has helped me through some on easy times and has guided me in times of need. This 'thing' is something that I think everyone could benefit from having in their life. This thing is...

Ruby. If your not aware, Ruby is a stunning women from Savannah who has struggled with her weight from a young age. Ruby documents her journey of weigh loss from around 500lb (her highest being in the 700's) to set goals. You might be thinking 'oh this is another diet show', yea your right it is but its something totally different at the same time. Rather than looking at her only food intake it also goes into the psychological aspects of losing weight as well as how and why a person gains weight in the first case. Furthermore not only does she document her losses but also her gains in which we as viewers get to see how you deals with them.

This is a refreshing outlook on the life of a individual trying to loose weight and should defiantly be seen by everyone in the same position. It allows you to question aspects of your life that you would not done before, as well as understanding how certain events affect you without you realising. Through this show I have been able to pin-point events that have led to my weigh gain (which I will speak about in future posts) as well as being able to identify my own enablers (again something I will post about in the future).

If you would like to find out more about Ruby you can do so here . She is a true inspiration!

Team Ruby xoxo

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