Sunday, 23 May 2010

*Race for Life 2010- Regents Park*

If you have read my blog previously you will know that I've been unwell recently. However I've waited nearly a year to take part in 'Race for Life' and I was not going to let anything stop me from completing the course whether it be in a wheel chair or walking slowly. If your unsure what Race for Life is, its a fund raiser for cancer research and involves women (no men I'm afraid) running, jogging or walking 3km, 5km or 10km- I chose 5km.

I was so excited to take part in this event that I could hardly sleep the night before and was awake and ready by 8am. After  a mile walk to the closest station and then travelling through London via the underground we (me, my sister and mum) finally reached Regents Park only to find we had to walk around another mile to get to the entrance of the race.

After queuing to actually race we managed to start with just over 7 minutes already passing. There were so many people taking part it was amazing, it was announced that over 5000 were taking part today alone! As we walked through the starting barrier the disc-jockey for HEART 106.2 announced my number (number 81) and cheered me on! I couldn't believe it I was beaming from ear to ear.

Although I regularly commute into London I never have time to take in the scenery but as I was walking I was taken back by the beauty of Regents Park. This is easily the most beautiful and tranquil place I have ever encountered. If you ever get the chance to visit Regents Park, do so, you wont regret it.
Here are some fundraisers dressed in pink and white.

This fountain was breathtaking, absolutely beautiful!

Another piece of art within Regents park. These types of pieces were scattered throughout the park however most of the ones I saw, and trust me I didn't get to view them all, were different.

I'm not sure what this building was, it may have been a hotel but it was huge. I like the design of this building, it was astounding.

I love the street lamps in this picture. I tried to take as many photos as possible, I didn't get the chance to stop and I could hardly see what the screen on my camera was taking so some of these are random but I do love this one.

Another amazing building, a hotel I think.

This is a close up of the same building in which I think it looks like the white house.

The amount of women taking part was fabulous. As you can see in this photo there is just a sea of pink and white people. Its hard to believe that I was in the middle!

I love this photo because not only does the tower look like something from Disney Land but the expression on the old chaps face looks so peaceful yet excited at the same time.

These are a few signs that were pointed around the last km. I thought these were really inspirational and really spurred me on. (I was in so much pain with my chest and back at this time I really was worried I couldn't finish the course)

I was so happy when I saw the finishing line, there was tons of people cheering us on, HEART 106.2 was playing music and cheering us on also.

When I finished I was a little sad, it was a really emotional day as cancer is something that affects everyone. However as soon as I got past the finish line I signed up for next year. Check me out.

 I really am so proud of myself, my mum and sister for completing it. Hopefully next year I'll be able to beat my time set of 1hour 3minutes (-7minutes as that is the time we actually got to the starting line).

Have a fab weekend guys.

Roo xoxo

Has anyone taken part in any charity fund raisers this year?

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