Sunday, 30 May 2010

*Reason for Wanting to Lose Weight - 1*

My list of reasons for wanting to loose weight are in no particular order and to some may seem a little selfish and extreme however these are my reasons for wanting to shift the pounds and they are the ones that keep me motivated.

I chose to write this as my first reason as it is topic that I encounter on a near on daily basis and one that I never realised would mean so much to me.

My first reason is Bray...

(This is me and my niece Bray whom in this photo was only a few hours old. Notice me trying to cover my huge belly with a stuffed toy)

When my sister was pregnant I never really wanted to get involved and was hand on heart actually a bit of b**** towards her and for that I truly apologise. However when Bray popped out (trust me I know babies don't just pop out) I fell in love with her straight away. Although I am still young (so I like to think) I question whether I will ever have children of my own and I think that's partly why I was less than kind to my sister.

Moving back to the losing weight malarkey...

Since Bray has become part of my life I have realised how unfit I really am. Although I'm struggling to hold her at the moment due to ill health I was struggling to hold her and walk around without gasping for breathe. Bray is currently at the stage of trying to walk and I know it wont be long until she does. This has turned a light on for me, I know that after a while I wont be able to run around after her and play things that she wants me to play as a result of being so unfit as well as my actual size permitting me from doing certain things.

(Yes that is a half a cupcake)

I never thought I would say it but my niece means the world to me and I want to be the best auntie that she could ever wish for. I know by losing weight, keeping active and being healthy will mean that I can do all the things that anyone else can as well as setting a good example of a healthy lifestyle (something that I never really had as a child).

So reason for wanting to lose weight - 1 is Bray.

I will be the best auntie ever!

Roo xoxo

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