Sunday, 27 June 2010

*Weekly update - Motivation and Biking Adventure*

Although I didn't stay for my meeting this week (it was my niece's 1st birthday), I know that the topic was regarding motivation. I covered my new motivation only recently so I think I will pass on this topic until its covered in my meeting again.

So moving on to my week...

I've had a super crazy week and the weather has been scorching. I'm not really a summer lover because I feel uncomfortable in shorts and strap tops so I end up melting in my normal jeans and t-shirt. However I've upped my activity regardless of sweating out the river Thames. I've walked my socks off and biked until my butt was numb. I've never felt so alive!

My achievements this week:
  • I tracked 3/7 - I'm really annoyed at myself for this as I know I do best when I track every day.
  • I upped my fluid intake
  • I upped my activity
  • I lost 2.5lb on the scale!
I'm happy with how I've done this week however there is still lots of room for improvement.

My goals for the week:
  • Track everyday
  • Drink my 2lt everyday
  • Bike to and from Uni (just over 12miles in total)
And finally just a few photos from my 6mile bike ride today ...

A refreshing ice lolly which we chased an ice cream van for.

Have a fab week everyone...
Roo xoxo

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