Saturday, 5 June 2010

*Exercise Tools - Pilates DVD*

I recently posted about my inability to find a balance between exercise and eating within moderation however since then I have also posted how I'm starting to find my motivation towards exercise reemerging whilst trying to follow the Weight Watchers concept of moderation. So with that I decided I would dedicate a number of posts to exercises that I have taken part in.

As I hadn't really exercised (apart from walking) for some time I decided to dust of one of my previous favourites. Pilate's weight-loss workout for dummies is so much fun. I love doing these work outs and at some points it rather challenging however it also gives you options of how to make the movements easier if you require so.

The instructor Tracey has an amazing body and is extremely toned and really motivates you throughout the video.
If your like me you would have thought "that's easy!"  but wait until about 5 minutes into the routine and you feel the burn in your arms and thighs. I have done this a few times since and the ache in my thighs the next day made me realise that I had actually had a great workout and used muscles that I haven't used for a long time.

All in all this is a great workout DVD and I love that its broken down into sections so you can start off with one and build on it as you feel fit too.

The only bad point of this DVD is the fact that its hard to miss the instructors camel toe. I'm sorry Tracey but I had to warn people. If your able to ignore it (please note they do a few close ups) its a perfect DVD for all experience levels.

If you want to give the DVD a go for yourself you can find it at amazon for less than £3.00!

Check you guys laters,

Roo xoxo

Have you any favourite exercise routines or DVDs?