Monday, 1 November 2010

*Weekly Update - Lunch*

This week has been about getting back on track, not just for pyshical health but also for my mental health. Like I said recently, I needed me time. I was beginning to lose focus on the bigger picture but thankfuly I'm back and close to top form.

Recently I read an article in my local newspaper regarding children's lunches. The article blasted many families for providing unhealthy packed lunches and snacks to their children and I was shocked to see the majority of lunches consisted of chocolates, crisps, baked goods and chocolate spread sandwiches. As you can see a lot of processed junk but when I thought about a typical lunch time meal for me pre Weightwatchers I wouldnt think twice about consuming a cheese and onion pasty (sometimes two) followed by a triple chocolate muffin and a bag of crisps... not forgetting my diet coke (This is sometimes still the case!). Thats easily one and a half times my point allowance for the day and that was just one meal!

Now yes, I am pointing so theres no way I would chose to eat all of those foods now but it made me realise that to make my points allowance stretch I was consuming the same thing every single day. I'm not saying thats a bad thing, its worked for me in the past but it does become boring after a while so I decided to spice things up this week by having something different for my lunch every day.

As I changed my lunch every day I found some of my new favourite things to eat.  My favourite thing to eat at the moment has to be pitta pizza's. I love this so much (because of the ease and time) I will be doing a post on this so you can see how I do mine. I also love Quorn and veggie wraps as well as homemade soup. what do you like to eat at lunch?

Moving on...

My achievements this week:
  • I tracked all week. Yes, thats right, every single day!
  • I walked further on the days I didnt swim
  • I lost 10lb! - Yes, you read that right. 10lb! I'm back to 18stone. Also thank you for my lovely comments on Twitter on my loss... you made my day :)

My aims/plans for next week:
  • Continue to track - its obviously working.
  • Put aside some me time
  • Up-date my i-pod - I need some new tunes, if you have any ideas let me know
  • Try something new - It doesnt matter whethers it food or activity, just try something new
Wishing you all a fabulous week!

Roo xoxo


  1. 10lbs??! Wow! Well done! Keep on tracking!

  2. Thats amazing hun! So glad you're feeling a little more like yourself again :) Ahhhhhh I remember the days of a pastie, a sandwich, crisps and a cake! Oh and not forgetting a non-diet coke of course! Guess we've both come a long way...


  3. You have really really spurred me on for this week, you are the true inspiration. The people that have difficult times but get themselves back up and back on it! After a few months of piling weight back on i finally after supposed to be re starting last week had my proper lightbulb moment today. I wont look back, and i read this tonight and it just gave me hope!

    Well done

  4. Liz- Thank you, I WILL! :)

    Lex- Your so right, we really have. Your doing fantasic!

    Anon- I had a tear in my eye reading that. Thank you for that lovely comment. I'm glad that I have been able to reach out to someone.

    Thanks for your comments everyone they are appreciated more than words could ever describe.