Tuesday, 30 November 2010

*Weekly Meeting Update - Activity*

As a mentioned in my previous post and via Twitter I finally realised after several weeks up taking and putting on the same few pounds I needed the discipline and support of my weekly meetings. Of course I knew whose meeting I wanted to go back to... my lovely leader Dawn. She is absolutely lovely and so helpful so if your in my area she runs a Tuesday class from 6:00pm at Goodmayes Primary School in Ilford or alternatively she runs two Thursday classes from 5:15 and 6:30pm at Old Dagenham Methodist Church.

So after changing my membership from online to weekly pass I am now officially attending weekly weigh-in's and meetings.

Now I just want to mention to those who may be hesitant as to whether they want to go back to classes or not, when I weighed in on Thursday at my meeting I was a whole 9lb heavier than I was when I weighed myself before I left for meeting. I'm honestly not upset that I weigh 9lb more than I thought because I know that I have already lost 10lb (I did this over the past month or so) so if I hadn't had lost that 10lb prior to my weigh-in I would have been 19lb heavier! I'm so happy that I decided to go back to my meetings and I know this really does work. So don't put it off, face the music and go to that meeting as you will be thankful you went.

So moving on to our meeting topic. As propoints is still rather new the group mainly focused on the daily and weekly allowance and the propoint values of food, however we did briefly get to talk about activity. This is my favourite topic to discuss because I get to add something new to my growing list of activities I like and enjoy to share with you and it makes me focus on my psychical and mental changes.

In the meeting we discussed how food collated to certain exercises and to be honest it was rather scary. It does make you question the types of food you pick and the amount of exercise that is required to work it off, is it worth it? In most cases I'm sure its not but that doesn't always change our decision to consume it. So my current weekly activities include:
  • Aerobics, strength and stretch- I attend this class every Monday (Although I missed this weeks class due to being unwell) and I love every second of it. Its run by a woman named Chris in her 60's or 70's who is amazingly toned and lean. The class is an hour long and consists of aerobics, weight work, floor work, stretching and yoga poses. Its so much fun and can be a giggle especially if your like me and on the spot you cant tell the difference between left and right.
  • Swimming - I have been enjoying my twice weekly swim since  August now and I really do look forward to it. Its an excellent low impact exercise.
  • Wii - I hadn't used my Wii for some time but now I'm needing a daily stress release this has proven perfect for it and burns calories at the same time. I use a range of games from; just dance, just dance 2, biggest loser, wii sports and wii fit plus.
Apart from swimming I always wear my heart rate monitor  so I can work out my burned calories and how effective my workout is.

As its getting colder and darker a lot earlier I haven't used my bike for a while now so I think she may retire until spring now - unless I feel incredibly brave.

Accomplishments this week:
  • I went back to my meeting - Although I knew I was going to go back to my weekly meetings it was still a big step to do so especially during hand-in time and so close to Christmas and my birthday.
  • Activity - I have worked out a few days over the past week which has really helped me de-stress and burn calories.
Aims for next week:
  • Attend my Monday class - Like I noted previously I didn't attend this Mondays class as I have been )and still are) unwell. I know I will go back because the class is so much fun and it makes me feel incredibly strong.
  • Attend my weekly weigh-in - I know that I may not be able to stay for this Thursday's meeting but I will definitely be getting weigh-in (unless its closed due to the snow)
  • Resistance bands - I reviewed these a few months ago and I loved them but after more back problems I stopped using them. I really want to put these back into my weekly routine.
I hope you all have a fantastic week and stay safe in the snow.

Roo xoxo

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