Monday, 8 November 2010

*Weekly Update - Changing*

There has been a lot of hype for the forth coming release of Weightwatchers new Propoints plan and in all honesty I'm really excited. Normally I hate such a huge change (not that I would write that on my CV) it just causes so many second guesses and I hate the feeling of being unsure. I have read a lot of comments and also heard a lot of debates on the changing system which has made me reflect on the ever changing me.

On reflection I have changed a lot of the past few years, but more so than ever over the past month. I have overcome numerous hurdles over the past month (sometimes kicking and screaming) and some of these are things I thought I would never be able to do. I know that my mental health is changing, I'm beginning to think positively again and even more so then previous and to be honest I'm liking the new me. I'm not fighting against myself at the moment (which is what makes my weight loss journey so hard), I guess you could now call it a journey to inner peace. At the moment nothing feels as good as making a positive or good decision.

On Friday I weighed in... +2lb. I had GAINED 2lb? Hand on heart I really did stick to my point allowance, I couldn't understand why so on Saturday I Tweeted that I had had a rubbish morning and eaten a vast amount of junk. I ate that junk because I thought "whats the point?" I had gained 2lb for 'no reason'. Once I had eaten it I felt even worse then I did when the scale showed a gain and that's when I told myself, if I don't carry on then I'm always going to this weight or more likely heavier. So what if I gained 2lb! I lost 10lb the week before and I had accomplished things during the week I didn't think possible (I rode my bike on my OWN to a place a few miles away). So that was the end of my destruction. The best thing was, it took hours to realise my destructive actions rather than days or weeks.

As well as riding my bike and stopping my self-destruction I have also signed up to an aerobics class of a Monday. That's right people... aerobics! If you read my blog regularly please do not panic as my Monday night swim is changing to a Friday. There, panic avoided.

I can't help but feel happy knowing that I'm taking steps to be the best of what I can be however big or small they are.

  • I rode my bike to somewhere new - I rode nearly 7 miles and burned 900kcal! 
  • I tracked 6/7 days - my missing day was Saturday, I did try to track everything but being a binge I lost count of a lot of what I ate however I did stay to plan for the rest of the day.
  • I had my 'me time'
  • Try something new - My last weeks try something new is my aerobics class tonight so I know I can tick this one off next week.
  • Track all week - I will be giving even more attention to this, this week as its the launch of Propoints. Excitement!
  • Take my calcium tablets - I don't consume a lot of diary through choice and I take medication (nothing serious) which as a side effect can decrease bone density and after the issues which my back and chest decided to do what was advised and purchase some supplements. Now I just have to take them.
And just to imprint the fact that I will be ticking off one of my goals, here is me getting ready to go to my aerobics class. (I'll let you know whether I survive)

Have a fabulous week guys and gals.

Roo xoxo


  1. Hope you enjoyed the aerobics! It'll be interesting to see how the new ww system works. Good luck!

  2. Hope you had a great night at aerobics! I'm saving up for a bike very similar to yours :)

    Hope you're ok xxx

  3. Hi Ladies,

    Liz- aerobics is fantastic and thanks for the good luck wishes.

    Lex - You will have to blog about your bike, I cant wait to see it