Friday, 24 September 2010


If you follow me on Twitter or are a regular reader of my blog you will more than likely have concluded that due to my lack of posts and my Tweets that I have been unwell for the past week. That's right guys, I have endured a week (so far) of a full on cold, sore throat, ear ache, headaches, back ache, muscle cramps and you guessed it...fever. I guess I had it coming.

Any how. While my head is only partially thumping, my nose is only slightly dripping and I am going through a hot flush I thought I would write a quick post as I haven't blogged in a while. Please note that I do have a few topics in which I want to post however they still need some adjustments and I just feel to poorly to write anything that could be perceived as logical thinking.

Firstly I want to thank Becky for nominating me for "The Versatile Blogger Award"!

This week I thought that I would briefly mention activity as its something that has been lacking in my routine for the past week. Although I have swam twice this week as part of my routine I haven't actually done any other activity. Yes, shock horror right. For me activity is just as important as the tracking, after all it is part of my whole lifestyle change. Now don't get me wrong, I have been unwell this week and surprised even myself by still going swimming but I know that activity is something that once I start feeling better I need to work back into my daily routine for a number of reasons.

Now we all know that exercise is suggested to help lead a healthy lifestyle. As well as that activity for me allows me to de-stress as it gives me time to think, whether it be about day to day occurrences or a time to think and plan for the future. Not only that but for me it is an empowering experience, I never feel as good as I do after a good workout. I'm putting that time aside for me in my consistently hectic life, that's empowering just within itself.

So what type of activity to enjoy?
  • Walking - I love to switch on my i-Pod and take to the streets with my trusty dog by my side. Often its a fight to see who gives up first.
  • Swimming - I have always loved swimming and swam for both my primary and secondary school. It gives me time to think and talk to my friend. This is defiantly my preferred choice of therapy.
  • Bike riding - I love to ride my bike. Its a great feeling to have the wind blowing on your face and the miles fly by.
  • Wii - As you know I enjoy to use some of the Wii Fit games to mix up my routine and have done some reviews on a couple of them in the past.
  • Resistance bands - I <3 these with a passion. These make me feel so strong and I can't help but make myself laugh when I pull some rather strange faces. You know the type you see at the gym when the guys are lifting weights.
So theres just a few of my favorite choices of activity and I'm sure I will add to this list in the future.

I know this is only a brief look at the concept of activity however like I said I don't feel like I can make sense of any topic and go into the depth that it needs at present.

With that I wish you all a fab week. I'm off to dose up on my trusty cold and flu tablets :)

Roo xoxo

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