Thursday, 2 September 2010

* Fitness Fun - The Biggest Loser Game *

I recently posted that I had purchased "The Biggest Loser" game for the Wii. Like with most games I was sceptical at first and didn't really expert much. After all its just a game. So when I saw it on Amazon for less than ten quid I snatched it right up. I'm a huge kid when it comes to things like this and I get excited very easily. But I did try to get my mature and more reserved hat on.

So I set myself up detailing my weight, height, age and gender and picked my character (I loved Michelle from the series so I picked my character with ease). Rather than go into a full routine I decided just to browse and pick what I wanted to do. In total I initially used the game for about an hour. But be warned...

Half way through one of the exercises I picked I nearly burst into tears! Yes, that's right. I nearly cried over a freaking game! But no, wait, this is no game. If you take the exercises seriously and put your all into it, it really does get your heart pumping and your muscles burning. I felt the burn like never before.

So baring in mind that I only wanted to "play around" with the "game" I had already done my daily workout and so really had two workouts. Now hand on heart, I woke up the next day and it hurt (although I like having that ache from a good workout) to sit down so much that I nearly peed myself because I had to lower myself down. I must have used muscles in my legs and thighs that I hadn't used in a long time.

I've used it nearly every other day since and I defiantly think that this is a great workout for me. The majority of the routines are around 18-25 minutes long (Note: I'm only on beginner) so I try to work in other aspects into my routine but this is defiantly a start.

Some of the features the game has are recipes, calorie counter (you in put your own calories), tips, routines, quick choice on exercises, challenges and a weekly weigh-in dun-dun-duarrrrr.

Overall I give this "game" two thumbs up and would suggest to everyone. Its a great variation from my other routines and my painful thighs show that it targets other muscle groups that could be missed. For around £10.00 whose complaining?

If you have tried and tested or want me to try and test any other Wii exercise games please leave a comment detailing what it is and let us all know how it is alternatively you can mail me here:)

Roo xoxo


  1. I absolutely love that show, but I don't have Sky, so never get to watch it. :(

    I have tagged you for an award on my blog!

  2. Oooooo that looks good, think I might have to invest in it! Hope you're ok :)

    Lex xxx

  3. Liz - Thank you so much! It must be my lucky week :)

    I wonder if they have a Biggest Loser boxset?

    Lex - I love it bad :)


  4. I've never watched the programme but been thinking about getting the game for a while, think you've just sold it too me! Thanks Hun. x