Thursday, 16 December 2010

*A day on track*

I get asked a lot by my friends who also use the Weightwatchers plan what I eat from day to day. So as I haven't done 'a day on track' post for a while I thought that I would share one of my days on plan with you.

This was this Tuesday's menu (weigh-in day).

Banana 0pp
Shredded wheat 4pp
Soya milk 1pp

Tortilla wrap 3pp
Quorn fillets 2pp
Cucumber 0pp
Lettuce 0pp
Yellow pepper 0 pp

Strawberries 0 pp
Grapes 0 pp

Dinner: (I forgot to take a photo of mine so took a photo of the Grease Monkey's instead, I had Quorn fillets rather than Quorn nuggets)
Quorn fillets 2pp
Lettuce 0 pp
Cucumber 0pp
Variation of jewelled couscous 13pp

Further snacks:
Sharon fruit/persimmon/kaki 0pp
Apple 0 pp
Activia yogurt 3pp
WW crisps (I had these in my meeting and so didn't get a chance to take a photo) 2pp
Chocolate 11pp (I didn't get a photo of the wrapper either)

Total consumed: 38/42pp

So here is a typical day on track for me using the new propoints plan and so far its working on the scale.

I have a few posts that I'm working on and I hope to have up soon.
Have a fabulous week guys.


  1. It all looks rather yummy, I'm stuck in a bit of a soup rut for lunches at the mo :(


  2. Lovley Dress, and groovy chic bike !